Saturday, September 25, 2010

"Dalian Sigma Elevator" use EastFax

Dalian Sigma Elevator Company Limited (SIGMA), formerly known as LG Elevator, is producing world-class elevator, parking equipment, escalators, pedestrian trails and other specialized lifting equipment based multinational company, is the world's largest lifting equipment company U.S. OTIS set up in China of the three components, one of Malaysia's annual export volume is equivalent to the country's total demand. SIGMA Elevator OTIS-LG, as the cause of the headquarters of China and its only overseas production base, inherited more than 30 years of world-renowned reputation and LG elevator technology, now more than 30 cities across the country with branches and offices.

SIGMA and its branches and offices of the fax is very much in the application EastFax, the fax status quo to be greatly improved and costs are greatly reduced, paperless business, information technology a big step forward.

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