Wednesday, October 13, 2010

FTP space is filled with how to FTP space for alarm?

Many companies have built local area networks, in order to facilitate the easy exchange of documents employees are mostly built FTP server. But now download a variety of large size is too big, FTP space is often filled with some users, leading to some complaints file to upload. Indeed, as administrator, we can not all the time to check FTP server is used space, being the case let the operating system automatically to help us to monitor it.

First, create a monitoring project

In Windows systems, gives us the Performance Logs and Alerts item, using it we can use the ratio of the FTP monitor.

In the FTP server, enter the Control Panel window, open one of the "Administrative Tools" folder, double-click "Properties" item to open "Performance" settings window.

Turn left at the open window, select the "Performance Logs and Alerts" - "warning", and "alarm" key on the right-click in the pop-up menu, select "New Alert Settings" in the pop-up window, enter the name, for example, "FTP Monitor", click "OK" button (Figure 1).

Second, add the counters

After the alert is created project will automatically open the Preferences window. Remind you that this time also need to add a counter, in order to monitor the use of FTP space.

In the "General" window, click the "Add" button to open the "Add Counters" window, select the counter of the object to "Use local computer counters," "performance object" selected "LogicalDisk", also select the "Select counters from list" option, and in the counter list, select the "% Free Space", while the right choice in the FTP space in which the partition (Figure 2), set up after clicking the "Add" button to return.

Tip: In fact, the system provides us with a lot of counters, the counter effect, we can select it, then click the "Help" button, you can view the specific role of the counter. So that we can not only monitor the system free space, also monitor the disk write and read speed.

Third, the alarm set

Back alarm parameter setting window after the "General" tab, we can see just to add in. counter. At this point we need to set the conditions for triggering the counter, for example, we ask if the space is used up to 80% will alert the administrator. Therefore, we can "will trigger the alarm, if the value is" set to "over", "limit" set to "80", while the data sampling interval in the "interval" set to "200", the unit set to "seconds" , so that every 200 seconds to make an inspection (Figure 3).

After doing these settings to switch to the "Operation" tab, select "Send a network message to" option, and enter the administrator in the bottom of the computer IP address (Figure 4), so that when the use of space more than 80%, the to the designated computer system will send a message.

Finally switch to the "plan" tab to "Start Scan" to set a specified time and date, be careful not to set to "manual", while the "stop scan" is set to "Manual" The goal is to allow Monitor has been in working condition.

Now as an administrator, you can let FTP server itself worked there. When using more than 80% of the space will automatically send a message, so you can check, delete some useless files.

If the FTP server, the administrator can not receive messages sent over, then check to see if closing the Messenger service. Inspection method is to enter "Administrative Tools" folder, double-click "services", and in the open windows on the right 鎵惧埌 "Messenger" and double-click, and then "Startup Type" set to "Automatic", and click the "Start" button and click "OK" button to save the settings you can.


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